Enter the Bond

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Volume One: Fortitude Rising, The Magical Bond Series

(Three part novella compilation)

Ebook novellas: Infraction of the Mind (Episode One), Incite the Power Within (Episode Two), and Embodiment of Magic (Episode Three)

Ebony Hunter has spent her entire life isolated on an island institution run by her father, Dr. Daniel Hunter. When Connor Vance and his group of outsiders are brought to the institution, they cause her to question everything her father has ever told her about the world. But who’s telling her the truth? Her father or the outsiders?

Just when she starts to open up to Connor Vance, he admits that he and his companions are on a mission to kill her and her life-long friends. Connor’s mission to kill her is halted when he realizes Ebony is a pawn, albeit a powerful pawn, in her father’s game. They must join forces and work together if they ever hope to escape the clutches of the true enemy, Dr. Hunter and Vivian Way, a political reformist.

To find the truth, and hopefully earn her freedom, Ebony must overcome her fears and embrace her magical powers. Her life depends on the trust of people she hardly knows as the battle for control of her powerful magic escalates between her and her father.

Through her journey of self-discovery, she finds friendship, love, and a strength she never knew she possessed. Everyone around her is taking sides in the struggle for power, and the lives of everyone she cares about are on the line as the tension rises in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy.

Fortitude Rising: Volume One of The Magical Bond Series


The hair on the back of her neck tingled. Ebony looked around to see if she was still alone in her quiet corner of the garden. Something felt wrong. The gardens were typically a peaceful and relaxing place for her to hide. Today she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was lurking in the shadows.

She sat at a small café table at the far end of a side path near the fence, next to the lilac bushes. This was her favorite spot. The smell of the lilac bushes drew her to this part of the gardens. She would make the time to sit here when the lilacs bloomed. Their blooms didn’t last long, and she was determined to enjoy them as much as possible.

She leaned back, lifting her head to feel the warmth of the sun on her face. Breathing deeply, she took in the fresh air until her chest felt full. She looked behind her once more; the tension in her neck building. Again, no one was there. She couldn’t shake this feeling, and she couldn’t relax. She grabbed her book, about to leave, when she saw a slight ripple in the air, like a wave altering the view in the background, creating a slight blur. Now she understood.

Infraction of the MIND

Episode One of Fortitide Rising

Born in isolation on an island institution run by her parents, Ebony Hunter’s purpose in life is to master her powerful magic. After the death of her mother, she shut down and stopped using magic altogether.

As an essential research subject in her father’s institute, she incurs his wrath with her emotional withdrawal from his tests. He doesn’t believe her when she insists she is weak and cannot do the things he asks of her, and he doesn’t care that she’s afraid her magic will kill her. He wants results at any price.

The pressure from her father to advance her use of magic terrifies her and she fails at all his requests. The more her magic fails her, the harder her father pushes, and the more rebellious she becomes. As her father’s aggressive demands on her magic worsen, her desire to leave the island and find freedom in the city heightens.

Vivian Way, political reformist and financial backer of the institute, has lost all patience with Dr. Hunter and arrives to take matters into her own hands. When she forces Ebony to push her magic too far, the result is devastating. Can Ebony forgive herself and overcome her failures, or find comfort in new friendships as her life unravels in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy?

INCITE the Power Within

Episode Two of Fortitude Rising

After her father locks her up because of her continued rebellion, Ebony Hunter has no choice but to rely on the one man who came here to kill her and her life-long friends.

Connor’s mission to kill her is halted when he realizes Ebony is a pawn, albeit a powerful pawn, in her father’s game. He sees the value her powers could bring to the Order and decides to recruit Ebony instead of killing her. With his feelings for her mounting, he risks losing everything to save her life. As if dealing with Connor’s admission wasn’t enough, Ebony finds herself in unfamiliar territory, struggling to sort through her own feelings for him while she also reacquaints herself with her powers and her past.

When Vivian Way demands more from her father to further her political ambitions, he takes his experimentation on Ebony and others to unheard of levels, and lives are lost. Ebony and her new-found allies must adjust to the changes around them as the battle for survival intensifies in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy.


Embodiment of MAGIC

Episode Three of Fortitude Rising

After learning the truth behind her mother’s death, Ebony Hunter’s anger towards her father is exacerbated, and her determination to end his aggressive demands on her magic is unwavering.

Banding together with Connor and his companions, Ebony, Charlotte, and Sullivan are ready to leave the institution. Little do they know, Dr. Hunter and Vivian Way have other plans in store for them, and one by one, they start to lose control of their lives.

Ebony may think she knows how to manipulate her father in order to save her friends, but the secrets and lies run deep. Cultivating friendships doesn’t come easy for Ebony, but it may be the only way for her to escape the inhumane trials of the institution that threatens her life and the future of magic. Will Ebony be able to save her friends and herself when secrets from her past are revealed in this sci-fi dystopian fantasy?


Volume Two: In the Wake of Rebellion, Volume Two of The Magical Bond Series

(working title)

Planned Ebook novellas: Episode Four, Episode Five, Episode Six, Episode Seven, and Episode Eight

Coming Soon

Volume Three: Beyond the Bond, Volume Three of The Magical Bond Series

(working title)

Planned Ebook novellas: Episode Nine, Episode Ten, Episode Eleven

Coming Soon