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Reality Unhinged is about a woman’s journey (Grace Whitman) back to civilization in a post-apocalyptic world after a water borne illness kills over 99% of the population, including her husband and two children.  Her journey starts alone, her choice to be alone, and her struggles/battles to rejoin whatever society remains. Sign up for A.M. Bochnak’s blog notifications to follow Grace’s journey through her posted excerpts from the novel as it develops into a completed work for publication.

Reality Unhinged is A.M. Bochnak’s first written novel but not her first published. 


It happened too fast. The government had no time to respond. No time to make a plan. No time to figure out how the illness was spreading, making containment of the outbreak impossible. They were barely able to wrap their heads around what was happening before it was too late. Early reports stated that the majority of the population had been wiped out within the first week. Most of the world’s human population was dead. The illness continued to take lives slowly for the next two months. Picking off the remaining weak, little-by-little. Then it stopped, as quickly as it had started.  

There were no riots, no looting, no violence. Just fear. The world had never seen anything like this. One can’t predict how people are going to respond in a crisis of this magnitude. So often we assume the worst of people. But fear kept the masses calm. Fear forced the people into isolation. No one felt safe from this illness. Everyone assumed they were next to be consumed by death.